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An expert recruitment partner with a global reach

As an expert recruitment partner, with a global reach, we deliver high-end executive search services to a select group of clients operating across Technology, Military & Defence, Retail & Consumer and Healthcare markets.


Helping clients make more intelligent hiring decisions at Senior Management, Board and C- level. In addition to offering expert recruitment advice, guidance and support with business critical, strategically important and confidential hires.



Leadership requirements continue to evolve, but the need for high performing Executives remains constant. Although there are no shortcuts to excellence when looking to hire exceptional Executive level talent who can drive organisational success and realise shareholder value. Especially given increasing scrutiny and demands placed upon Executives to provide effective leadership and successfully balance the company’s many stakeholders, whilst ensuring accountability, fairness, transparency and independent assurance.


At Emotus, our approach is designed to recognise and deliver exceptional forward-thinking Executives, as well as high performing boards through a rigorous and systematic approach to sourcing top quality Directors and C- Suite talent. With a proven ability to identify effective leaders who can balance risk, build capability and work towards a common goal, improve operational performance and develop a high-performance culture.


Delivering energised, proven business leaders, capable of leveraging the potential of an organisation and realise defined outcomes with stubborn determination. Having comprehensively evaluated suitability and considered the proven requirements, characteristics and values essential to building a successful Executive team, such as Trust, Respect, Diversity, Chemistry, Adaptability, Energy, Curiosity and Engagement.



The quality of company’s management team often determines success or failure in business and getting the talent side of the equation wrong can be disastrous. Consequently, companies are now investing more aggressively to produce the next generation of business leader, by nurturing existing employees and looking to attract individuals who exhibit high potential. Moreover, better managed businesses are systematically able to recruit and retain a superior group of employees, which results in greater productivity.


With deep sector and function knowledge, we place great importance on the identification of future business leaders and as trusted advisors help more accurately predict future hiring success for our clients. Successfully building management capability, by leveraging and our unique insight and proven expertise to find the right blend of skills, experience, personality, ambition and cultural alignment to successfully recruit high potential, next generation, management talent. Often with future growth requirements and succession planning in mind.



As experts in talent and leadership, we extend our advisory service to offer greater objectivity and help our clients recruit vastly experienced, talented professionals to either meet urgent short-term business objectives or seek long-term strategic advice and guidance, but not in a full-time capacity. 

With proven ability to help you appoint Non-Executive Directors, capable of expertly advising on a wide variety of matters, such as organisational change, business transformation, acquisition strategy, disposals, restructuring, accelerated growth or should you simply wish to place greater importance on diversity or corporate governance. Equally, our clients often engage us to identify vastly experienced interim managers, with demonstrable skills and expertise in a specific business area or function to address a short-term, business critical issue. Often, whilst we look to identify a permanent hire.


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