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An expert recruitment partner with a global reach

Emotus are experts in identifying what truly defines the best global talent at Executive and Senior Management level.

So whatever the function or role, we have the capability to help you recruit great talent. With an exceptional recruitment team that is passionate about professional excellence and a meticulous and transparent search process, which we believe will challenge expectations.



We are fully committed to delivering an outstanding client experience and we invest fully in getting to know you. Seeking a comprehensive understanding of your business and what you wish to accomplish, plus to gain valuable insight into the culture, to help define the perfect fit. We explore the rational underpinning the decision to hire and importantly the scope of the role, requirements and expectations and agree upon the target audience for the search. Evidence also suggests that the better the brief and time spent putting together a compelling attraction document to send to interested candidates, ultimately helps maximise our chances of hiring success.




A successful Executive Search requires rigorous analysis of the market, coupled with creativity, intelligence and diligence, so our research gathering process is comprehensive and meticulous. Moreover, it underpins everything that we do and enables us to identify and present the strongest pool of the best performing and emerging talent, to help our clients make fully informed hiring decisions.




In pursuit of excellence and value, Executive Search is widely accepted as the most effective method of looking to appoint an important business leader, with maximum discretion. Although increasingly, it is being adopted for other business-critical hires, as it offers the best visibility of potential talent in the market.


Importantly, a well-executed search, culminating in the appointment of the right executive can radical transform an organisation, but making the wrong hire can have catastrophic consequences. So arguably, appointing the right search partner is imperative and Emotus has extensive expertise and an ability to deliver high-end search services that solve critical human capital challenges, but with the agility and personal touch of a boutique consultancy. Offering a credible and cost-effective service that will rival traditional global search firms, evidenced by both exceptionally high levels of repeat business and recommendations.



Evidence suggests that many traditional interview methods are simply not predictive of job performance. As they tend to focus only on past achievements, without giving any consideration to how someone may perform when transitioning into a new environment and faced with a very different set of challenges.


So to more accurately predict future hiring success, with defined outcomes in mind, we assess candidates in a more sophisticated and scientific manner, which we believe more accurately validates capability. Going beyond past experiences and achievements to evaluate technical and behavioural skills, personality, ambition, future potential, leadership style and cultural alignment, to gain penetrative insight how someone may perform in a targeted role and or situations. Not content with simply identifying candidates with the right experience, but seeking to deliver great or exceptional talent. Although further validation and impartiality can be sought at interview stage or when shortlisting, if desired, by enlisting the services of one of our psychometric or aptitude testing partners.


However, the successful conclusion of any search process is ultimately dependent on the presentation of a compelling offer, to an engaged candidate, who will resist any potential counter-offer and join as agreed. Sounds simple, but in practice, this is when we as consultants successfully leverage our understanding and expertise, to act as trusted advisors to expertly facilitate a successful hiring outcome. Acutely aware of potential concerns a candidate may have and able to offer important advice and reassurance to alleviate them.



Our value does not end at offer acceptance, as we offer valuable support to help manage the transition process and work in conjunction with our clients to ensure an engaging and welcoming on-boarding process is in place. Then extending our relationship yet further, we invest additional time to conduct post-placement reviews to ensure continued hiring success and hopefully learn about the positive impact our candidates are making.



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