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An expert recruitment partner with a global reach

Emotus is a Global Executive Search company that partners with a select group of clients, operating across Technology, Military & Defence, Retail & Consumer and Healthcare markets. With much of our work retained, repeat business or from recommendations, which is testament to the quality of our service delivery.

An expert recruitment partner, with a global reach that specialises in Senior Management, Board and C - Level hires. We seek to disrupt the traditional Executive Search market, with our proven ability to deliver high-end search services that solve critical human capital challenges, with the agility and personal touch of a boutique consultancy. Objectively partnering with clients to help them make more intelligent hiring decisions, plus retain and develop great talent to realise strategic goals and objectives.


However, to attract and secure great business leaders is significantly more complex than it appears. As finding the right talent for tomorrow’s challenges is critical to the success of organisations today. From recruiting the accomplished forward-thinking leader, who can successfully balance risk and build teams to identifying the future business leader, we are able to measure capability in ways that go beyond gut instinct to offer a value proposition specifically aligned to your requirements.


Investing time to learn about each client, we successfully leverage our knowledge, expertise and understanding to attract the desired talent. Assessing candidates systematically to evaluate previous experience, coupled with technical and behavioural skills, personality, ambition and cultural alignment to more accurately predict future success. Moreover, by not accepting “Good” but seeking “Great” we look to attract the “A Players” with proven capabilities, who are able to successfully transition into a new environment and replicate or improve upon previous successes.


An unrivalled customer experience

As a progressive and ambitious recruitment company, Emotus aim to deliver an unrivalled customer experience and what we say, think and how we behave differentiates us from others operating within the highly competitive Executive Search market. With our values, coupled with an honest and ethical approach the bedrock of our business and these qualities underpin our ethos and enable us to deliver the exceptional results and service our clients demanded.




Operating with energy, passion and a sense of purpose, we seek to connect effectively with people. We Listen and challenge and appeal to deep-seated motivations to produce better work, culture and value for all stakeholders. Engaging hearts and minds to deliver shared objectives and authentically connecting with others.



Ultimately to create value for our clients, by attracting the best talent who successfully perform and stay within the business. However other factors are important, such as time to hire, quality of the work and the satisfaction of both the customer and candidate with the service. Although a high level of repeat business and recommendations demonstrate we are doing something right.




We constantly strive for perfection and as such are satisfied with nothing less than the very best in everything we do. Moreover, it is a mindset that requires a culture that questions current methods and focuses on making improvements to ensure we consistently attract the best talent, so we can see the flow of value to our customers. 



We offer clients regular and comprehensive updates regarding the progress of a search and operate with integrity, by conveying honest advice, insight and guidance based on the information we receive. Collaborating effectively to share knowledge and when challenges arise, we own the problem, innovate and offer important reassurance to solve the issue.



As expert Executive Search professionals, we are constantly discovering to maintain a competitive edge. We look to learn and develop knowledge and understanding of the sectors in which we operate, our clients’ business drivers and the motivations of candidates in the market. Understanding and knowledge, which we then leverage to achieve a successful hire.



Our customers are at the centre of everything we do and to deliver a world-class customer experience, exceptional service quality and satisfaction is imperative. It is also the foundation of any successful business relationship, as it builds trust, loyalty and importantly repeat business and greater recommendations. It is also a major differentiator in a highly competitive market.


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